October 23 — December 30, 2022

Minke van de Zande

Enlighten Me


To be curated


Museum ‘De Kantfabriek’, Horst, Netherlands


JG Photography

Minke van de Zande’s ‘Enlighten ME’ artwork combines high end nature photography, traditional craftmanship, needle wizardry and novel 3D printing technology with authentic silk materials. The Utrecht (NL) based artist specializes in color authenticity, reproduction, and crocheting.

For the ‘ENLIGHTEN ME’ project, a joint project team was formed with the Printoptical Engineering Crew to ensure proper integration of the optical technology, as well as the programming of the digital light experience. The ambient light pattern incorporates a circadian day-night rhythms including some special lighting effects.

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Enlighten ME

‘Enlighten ME’ // Official Presentation

Enlighten ME // Launching Event (VIP only)

Publications // In the News

  • Afbeelding van artikel in De Internetbode Reimerswaal Enlighten ME Minke van de Zande
  • Image De Limburger showing Enlighten ME exhibition in Horst

Behind the Scenes // ‘The Making Off’


Minke van de Zande

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Minke van de Zande (48) is a Dutch artist exploring the combinations of digital fabrication methods and traditional silk technology. Her typical artwork involves the realistic representation of natural objects, such as birds and landscapes.