01 June 2022 — 31 December 2022

Illumarco (Marco de Visser)

Florals and Flutters


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Marco de Visser

Marco de Visser’s ‘Flowers and Flutters’ chandelier artwork combines advanced optical 3D printing technologies with the beauty of pure light and dicroic refraction.

‘Flutters and Flowers’, launched back in January 2021, is an interactive Printoptical Art installation designed for both functional and artistic use. The Netherlands based artist specialises in combining digital 2.5D design with novel technology and art. His works typically aim to illustrate the wonders and beauty of nature, raising a general awareness of a global public. His professional background in lighting and optics adds a flavor of virtuosity, enlightment and brilliance.



Illumarco (Marco de Visser)

Illumarco (Marco de Visser) is a self-appointed Dutch Printoptical Artist operating at the wavefront of new technology, including the cross-section of art, digital 3D printing and interactive lighting technologies. His artworks focus on exploiting and sharing the beauty of nature through advanced materials research, optics, day – and artificial lighting.