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Gordon Ellis Brown

Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hampshire, United Kindom
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Gordon (Gorgy)
Ellis Brown

Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Tribes. Honour. Celebration. Origin. Authenticity. Integrity. Land. Ocean. Space.

Gordon (Gorgy) Ellis-Brown is a contemporary painter and photographer based in the United Kingdom whose works have been exhibited globally. He works in mixed media including 2D, 3D, film and digital. From ancient symbolism to modern cultures, Gordon develops compelling narratives by transforming stranded imagery with vivid sensations of colour, composition and mark-making.

Gordon Ellis-Brown’s practice oscillates between social and environmental concerns ranging from ancient history to pop-culture, sustainability to space science; interests he credits to growing up in a seaside hotel in the 1960s and 70s, as well as childhood memories of American Westerns, the Apollo space missions and the unworldliness of television tropes broadcasting alien visitations.
Working with a range of media including paint, raw and metallic pigments, photographic collage and resin, Ellis-Brown composes rigorously constructed compositions which recall the aesthetic of advertising or product design. 
Inspired by the creativity and spirituality of pre-modern cultures, Ellis-Brown explores humanity’s connection to the natural world, revealing hidden connections between conflicting cultural traditions and belief systems. Often working in diptych format, he creates a dynamic conversation between these seemingly opposed positions as well as between notions of perfection and imperfection; for example the use of pure painted colour and the idiosyncrasies of early printing processes.
Ellis-Brown draws on his graphic design roots, using iconic imagery, immersive colour and ancient symbolism. Focusing on each image before relocating its context is a way of celebrating the enduring materiality of images whilst safeguarding the vulnerability of others. This dissonance subverts, disrupts and enriches our recognition of the visual world.
Ellis-Brown has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. His work is held in collections throughout the world. He is an Associate Member of The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (ARE) and a Member of Newlyn Society of Artists (NSA).
Gordon Ellis-Brown’s practice includes private, public and corporate commissions. 


A Day in the Life of 10 Bears

Gordon Ellis-Brown’s practice, United Kingdom

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