Artist Profile

John Gerrits

Born 1961, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Artist Profile


Born 1961, Amsterdam, Netherlands

John Gerrits’s artwork combines the best of photography, nature and technology advancements. The Netherlands based artist specialises in photography, digital art and painting. He is a vast contributor to the Printoptical Art platform.

Having a deep background in photography, music, photo editing and 3D printing, John creatively merges the best of those worlds into inspiring artist impressions. His works may include hand paintings, digitally designed artworks, as well as light-controlled interactive installations.

In his actual position as technical director at Luximprint, there is no one in this world having closer access to the technology than John. Translating the intrinsic process capabilities into his stunning artworks became a next passion moving forward.


Fish & Bubbles

Wemeldinge, Netherlands



A co-creation with Printoptical Artist ‘Minke van de Zande’

JOHN’s Studio


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