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Located in Huizen, Netherlands.

Artist Profile


Located in Huizen, Netherlands.

Jovadre, in fact an artist couple, woks together in photography, digital image editing and digital creation. He more at the forefront, albeit the styling and design, the critical final test, she having good spatial insights, excellent figure drawing skills with an eye for proportions.

Jovadre has been involved in sculpting for a long time and making creations with clay and textile hardener. Initially becoming a photographer at an early age, it was only at a later stage that photography became a passion. Eventually, the artist’s journey evolved more and more into ‘digital artistry’.

For over 15 years, Jovadre’s works are exhibited throughout Europe. From a small museum in Italy, to large Hilton Hotels in many capitals. Participation in major fairs such as Basel, Beying, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Amsterdam brought a lot of exposure.

Jovadre is a participant in the Atelier Route in Huizen and regularly present at major art markets throughout The Netherlands.



Luximprint Creative Factories, Wemeldinge



Jovadre Art Atelier, Huizen, Netherlands

Jovadre Art


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