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Exploring Printoptical Art: A New Generation of 3D Printed Optical Art

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Printoptical Art: Light Art Redefined

‘Printoptical Art’ is a next generation of high-end 3D Printed Fine Art, adding a new ‘optical’ dimension to printed artwork. The fusion of advanced optical 3D printing methodologies, digital art and optical design capabilities creates stunning new artworks to experience. It pushes designer creativity to the next level and reshapes the definition and experience of true ‘light art’.

Enabled by advanced Luximprint ‘Printoptical Technology‘, digital artists and designers can now enjoy the benefits of optical 3D printing and enrich their artworks with appealing optical textures and features. In addition to traditional digital printing, the 3D printed optical textures and features add literally a new dimension to the artworks. Combined with day- or artificial lighting technology, a creative ‘Play of Brilliants’ is generated pushing the experience of art to the next level.

Modern Art meets Traditional Craftmanship

Interestingly, the application of optical textures and features is not limited to novel and digitized art applications only. A recently launched artwork by Dutch Artist Minke van de Zande proves that optical clarity and performance go hand in hand with traditional approaches. As a deeply skilled ‘needle wizard’, Minke created an extraordinary artwork inspired by the Eurasian eagle-owl (“Bubo bubo”) – a species of eagle-owl that resides in much of Eurasia. The result is a stunning piece of work where future-oriented technology and traditional craftmanship seamlessly come together.

Interactive Lighting Technologies

Contrary to traditional ’embossed’ 2.5D printing structures, the Luximprint process is capable of producing optically smooth surfaces straight from the 3D printer. This changes the perspective from ‘opaque’ to ‘translucent’, or even optically performing.

Speaking of ‘large-format-optics‘, the panel size handled on the platform can be extended to surfaces as large as 800*600 mm (and beyond). Also, the choice of carriers (“substrates”) ranges from typical acrylics to a large variety of optical plastics and other composites. Optical features can either be added to the substrate itself or just provided as smaller elements, separated from the larger plane by laser-cutting or CNC milling methodologies.

When combining the optical textures and elements with edge-lit or planar lighting technologies, the printed structures come to live and create a living play of brilliants through sparkling and dynamic living surfaces.

Become a Printoptical.Artist

The ‘Printoptical.Art’ platform, founded 2022 by Luximprint, currently hosts artworks of the first generation ‘Printoptical Artists’. The growing design collective utilizes Luximprint Printoptical Technology for the enrichment of their characteristical art, each of them from their own perspectives and craftmanship.

Today, about nine globally operating artists are accredited to generate Printoptical Art. Meanwhile, each of them has launched his/her initial work, or is progressing rapidly towards publication in the time ahead. Interestingly, the co-founders of Luximprint have joined the collective – driven by their untamed passion for 3D printing, optics and novel lighting technologies – to help shape the future of Printoptical Art from an ‘insider’ perspective.

The ambitions of Luximprint with ‘Printoptical.Art’ are sky-high and growing every day. Just like their traditional operations in the design- and engineering space, Luximprint aims to finally open the technology for the global maker and art community.

Interested in joining our collective? Please contact the Printoptical.Art collective at Luximprint.

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