The PRINTOPTICAL.ART database contains specific know-how and software especially developed for the PRINTOPTICAL.ART products and services. Both cannot and must not be transferred to other products, since otherwise it might lead to undesired and hazardous conditions due to products or systems.

As registered user of our online offer you have the possibility to download software, licenses and Plug-Ins, technical documentations and further instructions of our product range and services. By your consent to use and store your personal data, we will be able to inform you on optimizations or modifications to these sensitive data in future in order to protect you against possible economic loss caused by obsolete software, etc.

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1. Contents of the Online Offer
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3. Miscellaneous
If you download files from this internet offer, the use of the programs/scripts out of the download index is at your own risk. We are not liable for any possible damages to EDP systems, etc. LUXIMPRINT reserves the right to modify these conditions of use on occasion and to adapt them to technical and legal changes.

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In case individual terms of these conditions of use are not or partly not legally effective or lose their legal effectiveness later, contents and validity of all other parts of the document remain untouched.

Data protection declaration:
In case you have the possibility to enter personal or commercial data (email-address, company, name, address) within our internet offer, the disclosure of such data on the part of the user takes place on an explicitly voluntary basis.

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1. Collection and treatment of data
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4. Right to Information
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Data protection
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Our products and services
We reserve the right to make technical and formal modifications to our products and/or services if they are meant to improve the products or take into account changed regulations. On request, we will be pleased to provide current data.

All quotations are subject to confirmation and without obligation. LUXIMPRINT expressly reserves the right to modify, supplement, delete or discontinue part of the pages or the complete offer at times or finally.

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Exclusion of Liability
The Printoptical.Art website was established with utmost care. Despite all this we can take no liability for the correctness and accuracy of the information contained. We exclude any liability for damage and consequential damage to hard- and software resulting directly or indirectly from using this website and the data provided, as far as there is no provable, willful or negligent fault on the part of LUXIMPRINT. Downloading of files is done at your own risk. We take no liability for damages resulting directly or indirectly from downloading or use of these files. We would be grateful if you let us know about any mistakes you may come across in this website.

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Final provisions
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