01 January 2022 — 30 April 2022

Marco de Visser

Pebbles and Bubbles


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Marco de Visser’s ‘Pebbels and Bubbles’ illusional Printoptical Artwork combines several overlays of optical plastics, translucent pebbles, dicroic coatings and illumination technologies into an appealing artwork.

With a deep background in technology, The Netherlands based designer specialises in lighting, digital 3D art, interaction and optics art. Much of his appealing works demonstrate a visually appealing blend of color, diffraction and translucency demonstrating the beauty of nature utilizing the purity of materials.

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Marco de Visser

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Marco de Visser (Illumarco) is a Dutch self-proclaimed 3D Printing and Lighting enthusiast. His Printoptical Artworks evolve around a vivid interaction of light, optically 3D printed plastics and the beauty of natural and artificial materials.