Artist Profile

Marco de Visser

Born 1982, Zeeland, Netherlands

Artist Profile

de Visser

Born 1982, Zeeland, Netherlands

Marco de Visser’s Printoptical Artwork combines natural and artificial lighting technologies with a rich beauty of colours, vivid optical elements and the purity of raw materials. Primary working with reflections, diffraction/refraction based approaches, the visually appealing artworks generate a wonderful color scheme and a create a rich ‘Play of Brilliants’.

With a deep rooted expertise in lighting, 3D printing and optical industries, the Netherlands based printoptical artist aims to inspire the world around us with the best blend of technology, art and design promoting the beauty of nature by interaction and light-based storytelling that stimulates mind and nerves. Marco’s traveling artworks and installations can be visited at various temporary and permanent exhibitions around the globe.


Solo exhibition

“Florals & Flutters”, Wemeldinge, Netherlands


External & Simple

“Play of Brilliants”, Luximprint Creative Factories. Wemeldinge, Netherlands

Printoptical Art by Illumarco


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